ContainerPonics® New Logo

ContainerPonics New Logo From May 2014 we have changed seven of our corporate logos ContainerPonics® new white background reflects our first orders for ContainerPonics® in NATO livery.

We will be using the logo on and off the container in future as part of a new ContainerPonics® branding strategy

You may have noticed that we have issued our new logo on a convenient 20ft container despite that the fact that most ContainerPonics® are 40ft containers. We hope you agree it looks good the way it is.

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Helping Schools Recycle To Offset The Cost Of ContainerPonics®

Vienna, Austria 23 February 2014

Bottle TopsPlastics caps can be sorted and recycled to produce 1.75 mm filament for 3D printing. Demand is potentially much higher than supply with wholesale prices of filament at over 25,000 Euro per ton. Schools can collect caps and sort them in the European Union for cash. Collecting plastic caps for fund raising is already popular with schools it is an ideal way to raise funds for school projects like ContainerPonics®

Grow and Learn

Having the ability to grow ones own food is as critical to the preservation of the individual, his or her family and society as it is to the national security of anyone nation. Teaching children not only the ability to grow but to grow well and be, if needed, self sufficient should be at the heart of any Curriculum in the European Union. For the foreseeable future energy costs will continue to cause economic stress and disruption to supply and demand especially in the food industry. We need to promote self sufficiency because we are becoming more and more dependent on the global economy and far less able to fend for ourselves Continue reading

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Welcome to ContainerPonics® Website

Warsaw January 10, 2014

Thank You for visting our ContainerPonics® Website you are welcome to download our new ContainerPonics® brochure, simply click on the image of our brochure on the left. A PDF version of our brochure will automatically open on your device. ContainerPonics® is an “Open Source” Project and we look forward to delivering our first ContainerPonics® in 2014





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10:1 We Are Eating Out Of Whack

Warsaw January 9, 2014

Hubbert Peak 1956

Are you driven by concerns for global warming and environmental change, are you entering a second mid life crises over Hubbert’s Peak? Whatever you believe and whatever irks or motivates you, for sure it’s high time for a serious change in all things food. Did you know society already consumes more than 10 hydrocarbon calories for every 1 calorie of food produced?

Its Time Our Food Became Greener, More Local and Better For Us.

We all know eating better makes us healthier even feel better, a fresh salad for example is better for our well being than big juicy red meat steak. Most people do not even realize that the meat industry creates incredible environmental impact, if we eat less meat we would for sure benefit the environment, but is the average salad in a bag so much better? Continue reading

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